You need a bike during your stay here in Ingolstadt? Then Caritas Ingolstadt is the perfect place for you.

Caritas means real help for people in need. The guiding principles of Caritas’ work  are the teachings of and the example set by Jesus Christ. Reaching out to the needy and showing solidarity with them is charity put into  practice. Caritas is the task and obligation of every Christian. Caritas is, at the same time, the basic task of the Catholic Church. Motivated by a Christian sense of responsibility, Caritas provides a variety of  different kinds of aid together with people and for people. As a social welfare organization of the Catholic Church, the German Caritas  Association works to improve the quality of life in the Church and in society. Criteria for the work of Caritas are the challenges found in the Bible and the faith  of the Church. Through its work, Caritas contributes to public testimony of the Church’s teaching. As a leading association in the field of private social work, the German Caritas  Association feels in part responsible for the improvement of the social circumstances  in the Federal Republic of Germany. Caritas is dedicated to a just and solidary society in which the poor and the weak  can find their fair chance in life.

You can find further information about Caritas in Ingolstadt at:

Caritas offers you a special deal concerning your bike. The bicycle workshop repairs unused bikes and provides them for small price for you (~80€). After your stay in Ingolstadt you can bring your bike back to the service station and then you get half of your price back. These bikes can then be reused for the next students or people who need bikes for small prices.

Depending on the amount of bikes the workshop gets in advance you cannot get a bike on every day of the week – but just talk to the employees of the workshop!

On their website you can find the opening hours and the location of the workshop:

This offer is only valid with ESN Card!