As many of you probably know already, every year the WFI hosts a big sports recruiting event, the Summer Challenge. From June 9th -June 11th students from different universities compete in a variety of disciplines such as soccer, volleyball or dodgeball. For those of you who like to play soccer the ESN organized a team for 5-8 players who will have the chance to participate in the beach soccer tournament. For a small fee you'll be provided with free drinks and food both at the pitch and on the campus, moreover you will receive a ticket for the big beach party. If you're interested you can sign up at the welcome day on Monday 6pm at das Mo.
In addition to that you can sign up as a track marshal for the swim and run, which is a race on Saturday the 8th in order to receive a party ticket.
So be there and don't miss out on a chance to participate in one of the biggest events at our uni!!!

24/04/2017 - 19:30