The buddy system connects between Erasmus and local students and serves as an intercultural exchange.

Buddies are local WFI students who welcome Erasmus students and want to help them settle in Ingolstadt.
This phase begins even before the student starts his or her semester abroad, such as figuring out the best way to get to Ingolstadt, registering and getting oriented in the city, or just hanging out and getting a taste of Ingolstadt student life. As a buddy you get to experience the "Erasmus spirit" first hand, get in touch with people from all over the world and improve your English. In addition, you will also be credited 0.05 for the semester abroad.

 The first weeks are known to be the most difficult for every exchange student when confronted with a different country, a different language and new habits. That's why the buddy program is so important, especially for the first weeks. 

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