Car rental for the best travel experience
Are you going on a vacation anytime soon? Then you probably are already checking out al the highlights at your holiday destination. Great restaurants where you can eat, cultural must-sees and the best beaches. But you’re definitely not the only one who finds them online… Of course there’s nothing wrong with visiting crowded, famous places. But if you really want an unique holiday, renting a car is awesome thing to do. You can discover the most idyllic places and beautiful viewing points yourself. Those places you can’t find online or in travel guides. and ESN: 15% off car rental
ESN has partnered up with, giving students the chance to get the best rental deals. So as a student member of ESN Ingolstadt, you can now get a 15% discount on your next rental car. is the world's leading car rental marketplace, with endless rental car options all around the world. Do you want to book a SUV, passenger van or an even more exotic car? Just take your pick… Make your holiday one to remember!
The benefits of booking a rental car in time
When you need a rental car, if you can, we recommend to book in time. If you book early, you can make sure you get the best possible deals. We’ve selected three reasons why booking in time is a great thing to do:
1.        Early bookings are money savers. Remember to book 6 weeks before your pickup date and you get the cheapest deal. Prices will be at their lowest then. If you wait, all the cheap deals are already booked by others.
2.        If you book in time, you can choose any rental car you like. So especially if you’re looking for a specific car, like a jeep, don’t wait too long. Otherwise you end up without the car of your choice.
3.        Not only the type of car can be out of reach... Same goes for your desired destination! Is yours a popular one, all rental deals might soon be gone.